About Me

From the beautiful landscapes of Portland, Oregon, emerges the story of Greg Pierson, a distinctive entrepreneur marked by leadership, foresight, and unwavering tenacity. Celebrated for his invention of device-based reputation systems, his prowess lies in elevating their role in safeguarding online interactions and affirming consumer identities.

Roots and Reflections

North Portland holds the narrative of his early years, where he shared his life with his parents and a younger sibling. A significant move to Northeast Portland when he was 8 became a turning point. This home stood as a witness to his parents’ perseverance and commitment. While his father managed facilities, his mother, an English specialist, passed on to him her passion for literature and enlightenment.

Enduring Bonds: Thirty Years and Counting

Rooted in high school memories, Greg and his wife’s love tale is both heartwarming and enduring, celebrating 35 years of togetherness. Their bond has seen them raise a family, with their elder daughter venturing into academia and their son stepping into the challenges of high school. He consistently acknowledges his wife as his anchor, attributing his accomplishments to her steadfast support.

Building Corporate Pillars

His professional odyssey saw its commencement with Accenture. Here, he unraveled the complexities of business difficulties, leaving an indelible mark on elite entities like Nordstrom, Bridgestone Firestone, and Land’s End. Tasked with catalyzing business systems’ growth, he ushered in a paradigm shift in processes.

Innovation’s Torchbearer

A beacon of creative ingenuity, he has penned and secured an array of patents, particularly in fraud prevention, user verification, and secure transaction methodologies.

Enterprise Creation: Vision Meets Team Synergy

Greg Pierson’s brilliance extends beyond individual expertise to cultivating dynamic teams that manifest dreams into realities. As a CEO and co-founder, he transformed nascent ideas into flourishing global enterprises, attributing success to team spirit, inclusive cultures, and stellar customer experiences. His companies’ distinct services, though varied, were driven by united, equity-holding teams, culminating in business triumphs.

Recognition and Applause

Though accolades like the Entrepreneur of the Year finalist by Ernst and Young honor his achievements, he finds genuine pride in his teams’ collective laurels. Awards from various industrial and professional bodies, like InfoSecurity Products Guide and Fortress Cyber Security, adorn his company’s mantle.

innovations Journey and Its Alliance with TransUnion

Under his 14-year leadership as innovations CEO, the firm became an indispensable ally to 35,000 global brands. Their expertise in enhancing consumer safety through device intelligence was unmatched. This legacy caught TransUnion’s attention in 2018, culminating in an acquisition and a promising integration of device and identity intelligence.

Guiding the Next Generation

Transitioning from his CEO avatar, Pierson now mentors budding leaders, guiding them with the same vigor he utilized in helming his enterprises. His investments in startups echo his commitment to innovation.

A Racing Affinity: Bonding Over Speed

Presently, he invests significant time in his son’s budding racing career, which took a phenomenal turn in 2020. Their shared love for speed has accentuated his penchant for global travel and cultural exploration.

A Commitment to Giving Back

Recognizing his fortunate journey, he ardently supports causes close to his heart, like Self Enhancement, Inc. Beyond financial contributions, he extends scholarships and remains accessible for mentorship.

What Lies Ahead?

While relishing his present, hints of future ventures dance in Greg Pierson’s eyes. As he basks in his accomplishments, the world eagerly awaits his next move. For now, coaching, advising, and family adventures remain his focal points, painting a tale of dedication worthy of respect and emulation.

Greg Pierson